Unmask threats with Telex

Create a shortlink that gathers all the available data from whoever clicks it.

Make a Telex shortlink

Try creating a short link for a news article, blog post, or image URL.

Telex - Shortlinks that gather all available data when clicked | Product Hunt


Target suspicious devices.

On-demand redirect canaries

Generate a link to throw at an adversary in seconds. Make any webpage a simple honeypot with one line of code.

Collect rich device, network, and application data.

Robust signals collection

Telex produces a rich collection of technical application, network, and device intelligence.

Generate meaningful, human-readable reports.

Human-centric reporting

We take the technical signals produced by Telex and generate a report that won’t put managers to sleep.


Generate meaningful, human-readable reports.


Collect technical signals on human intelligence sources.

Get all the available data on an adversary the moment they click the link.

About Telex

Telex is a multi-tool for security operators conducting attribution on threat actors.
The Telex platform provides investigators with technical evidence on a target while keeping the operators safe and secure.

Telex is a product produced by the security researchers at Backchannel.

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